Born in Soviet Union in Tbilisi city in 1991, Levon Petrosyan is a Georgian painter, muralist, draughtsman, printmaker and sculptor. Interested in producing his own materials and reinventing Old Masters techniques and recipes, he uses natural mineral pigments mined on his historic homeland, Armenia. 

Levon’s works depict a wide range of style and subject matter, from portraiture and realism, to abstraction and expressionism.

Naming his key artistic influence works of Rembrandt van Rijn and Mark Rothko, the source of inspiration for his own work is drawn from Hip-hop music.

His record of international exhibitions includes show’s at : “Art Villa Garikula” and “Ria Keburia Foundation” in Georgia, “The Bookstore Project” in Amsterdam, and the most recent, an art installation “The Pigeon & The Mouse” in Manhattan, New York, supporting a premiere of a dance-theater live performance by “Sleep no More” stars. 

Exploring tactile qualities of paint to have a direct emotional and physical connection with the viewer, he believes that it is essential, to raise art to its highest level, beyond ideas, concept’s and feelings, where it transcends our limits and has a purely spiritual, supersensual impact.